About Me

Hi, I am Shyam Chetwani. 

I am an investor, Investment Trainer & Speaker, Financial Planner & Investment advisor & upcoming author.

I am a SEBI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor (ARN 129699) and Financial Planner.   

I Am on Mission to Help 10,00,00 Millennials to create the Wealthy Mindset & Create Wealth Through Proper Financial Planning & Retire Early.

More about me,

I am an Engineer & Certified Management professional by education & corporate Zombie turns into the Financial Planner by passion.

I have been in a corporate for over 12+ years of working with fortunate five hundred and Global companies like TATA Motors, Sandvik, Yazaki Corporation and TATA Auto-Comp.

I am spiritually grounded and believe in the Power of Karma, what goes out, that comes in. I am the husband of a beautiful wife, Father of Cute son and loving son of my family.

I believe Investment is a Game which everyone quits before starting it. I started playing this game from the start of 2010, and within these 12 years of Job I am able to create assets worth 1+ Crores. I took no single loan till date and bearded all my major expenses like buying home, my marriage & buying a Car etc by my own without taking help from anybody.

I believe doing right financial planning by diversifying your investments in multiple assets can compound the investments.

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